Customer Case Studies

Gurunavi accumulates the Bigdata of food with MapR for making a contribution to Japanese food culture

Gurunavi is best known as Japan’s largest gourmet and restaurant guide, originally as a web site and now also through its popular mobile app. The company, founded in 1989, launched its “Gurunavi” restaurant search website in 1996. At present, with operations focused at its headquarters in Tokyo, Gurunavi has a total of 19 offices throughout Japan. They have expanded their business to Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Their mission is to continue to spread information in its role as a“ supporter of restaurants”.

MapR on Azure: Getting Value from Big Data in the Cloud

Public cloud adoption is exploding and big data technologies are rapidly becoming an important driver of this growth. According to Wikibon, big data public cloud revenue will grow from 4.4% in 2016 to 24% of all big data spend by 2026. Digital transformation initiatives are now a priority for most organizations, with data and advanced analytics at the heart of enabling this change. This is key to driving competitive advantage in every industry.

Data Lakes: The 6 Key Building Blocks to Success

For customers looking to establish a next-gen analytics platform, data lakes are a common approach. Industry analyst Tony Baer from Ovum Research shares his learnings on where to start and how to get the most from your data lake efforts based on his recent research.

The ability to enable all data to be analyzed, capture new data types (e.g., machine logs, social, and IoT), and obtain near-line storage for cold data are all reasons why data lakes are growing tremendously in adoption.

Baptist Health: Solving Healthcare Problems with Big Data

There is no better example of the important role that data plays in our lives than in matters of our health and our healthcare. There’s a growing wealth of health-related data out there, and it’s playing an increasing role in improving patient care, population health, and healthcare economics.

Hear how Baptist Health is using big data and advanced analytics to address a myriad of healthcare challenges—from patient to payer—through their consumer- centric approach.

MapR Data Lake Solution Cuts New Customer On-boarding Time by 50%

MAG45, based in the Netherlands, is one of the leading industrial integrators in Europe. The integrator provides maintenance and repair services to help customers improve the productivity and efficiency of their production lines. By accessing low volume parts more economically, they can help customers reduce total cost of ownership for their production operations.

RiskIQ Provides More Advanced Security Threat Detection Using the MapR Platform

RiskIQ’s external threat management platform gives customers a unified way to discover, detect, investigate and remediate threats that occur outside a company’s firewall.

Their security management technology inventories and monitors the entire web from the outside in, and can identify events such as someone attempting to impersonate a company’s website, mobile apps or executive social profiles.

HelloFresh Optimizes Global Meal Delivery Service with MapR Platform

HelloFresh, based in Berlin, is a global subscription-based fresh meal delivery business. The company provides subscribers with wholesome meals that require no planning or shopping, and are delivered directly to customers’ homes. They are now serving over 7.4 million meals per month to more than 800,000 subscribers in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, US, Austria, Belgium, and Australia.


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