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ETL and Interactive Analytics with Apache Spark and Apache Drill

Vinay Bhat, Solution Architect at MapR Technologies, takes you step-by-step through a widespread big data use case: data warehouse offload and building an interactive analytics application using Apache Spark and Apache Drill. Vinay explains how the MapR Converged Data Platform provides unique capabilities to make this process easy and efficient, including support for multi-tenancy.

Big Data SQL: Overview of Apache Drill Query Execution Capabilities

In this Whiteboard Walkthrough, Neeraja Rentachintala, Senior Director of Product Management at MapR Technologies, gives an overview of how open source Apache Drill achieves low latency for interactive SQL queries carried out on large datasets. With Drill, you can use familiar ANSI SQL BI tools, such as Tableau or MicroStrategy, plus do exploration directly on big data.

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MapR Monitoring

MapR Monitoring provides the capabilities you need to monitor all cluster operations in a MapR Converged Data Platform deployment. It collects, stores, and displays cluster metrics and system log files to help you understand the utilization in your MapR cluster. It leverages popular open source technologies with which you are likely already familiar. This helps to lower the learning curve, while also offering the flexibility for you to customize and extend the environment

Drill 201 - Hands-on Tutorial for Apache Drill

If you've been using SQL for years or are more familiar with BI tools such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, or Qlik, you may have experienced some lag in the data-to-action cycle. With on-the-fly schema discovery, Apache Drill leverages your current skill set and tools so that you don't have to wait on IT to transform and load your data.

Watch this session of Free Code Friday where Bruce Penn, Principal Solutions Architect at MapR, will walk through a hands-on tutorial for Apache Drill.

The Evolution of Business Intelligence and Self-Service Analytics

In this week's Whiteboard Walkthrough, Sameer Nori, Business Intelligence Expert at MapR, explains how BI has evolved over the last 3 decades from being IT driven to analyst driven with Self-Service tools. He explains how Self-Service Analytics can be taken to a new level with schema- free Data Exploration and the role Apache Drill plays in this evolution with some horizontal use case examples.

Discover the Best Time to Post a Cute Cat Picture on Reddit

One of the beauties of Apache Drill is how it enables users to leverage existing skills, such as coding in different programming languages and using BI tools, while providing agility and flexibility to analyze complex, semi-structured data.

Watch this session of Free Code Fridays where Chris Matta, Systems Engineer at MapR, will use an IPython Notebook, integrated with Drill, to explore data from Reddit and visualize the best time to post a cute cat picture.

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