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Useful Links

MapR Documentation

We provide all MapR users with online access to our thorough and up-to-date MapR documentation. MapR documentation pages are fully searchable and continually updated, based on user feedback and tech support experience.
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MapR Community Forum

Plug in to our MapR Forum where you’ll find a wealth of information and resources to help you with various technical and product issues. Use the MapR Forum to get information, connect with other MapR users, learn more about Hadoop, and share your MapR experiences with others in the community.
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Community Resource Directory

Explore our helpful directory of resources and information managed by the Hadoop community.
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MapR Professional Services

In addition to our support offerings, our MapR Professional Services Consultants are available to help you throughout all phases of your project. We also offer a full range of training resources via MapR Academy to help you understand and leverage MapR. We offer onsite and instructor-led courses that provide a hands-on learning environment with real-world problem-solving activities, as well as a free library of videos, recorded webinars, and other materials to help you learn Hadoop at your own pace.
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