Recommendation Engine

With the proliferation in the number of channels used by consumers to research products and services, indicate likes and dislikes, and conduct commerce, delivering a tailored customer experience is of paramount importance. Recommendation engines help improve customer experience and on average deliver a 3-5% revenue uplift.* Marketing teams can use the Quick Start Solution built on MapR to deliver revenue uplift, reduce churn, and increase customer loyalty.

  • Increase revenue: Higher upsell and cross-sell of products and services into adjacent segments with real-time personalized offers.
  • Decrease churn: Reduced customer churn by anticipating customer actions and delivering the recommended next best action.
  • Optimize Customer Lifetime Value: Maximize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) at every point in the customer lifecycle.

What's included

1-year subscription of
6 nodes of MapR

Professional Services
3 weeks with
a big data expert

3 MapR
certification credits

The solution template includes workflows, parsers, and machine learning that help you deliver real-time, personalized products and services that incorporate customer behavior and preferences. Installation and configuration of the MapR cluster is included within the scope of this Quick Start Solution.

Key solution capabilities

  • Cost-effective big data platform: Store and process large volumes of data from various customer touch points such as email, mobile and social channels.
  • Contextual search and personalization: Integrate with search engines to provide contextual search and personalization.
  • Machine learning algorithms: Deploy advanced machine-learning algorithms that help in real-time targeting of offers and services.

Recommendation Engine Template

Key MapR differentiators

  • Data archival: The MapR Platform enables archival and storage of security event and other related log data going back several months and years.
  • Data ingestion: Copying data to and from the MapR cluster is as simple as copying data to a standard file system using Direct Access NFS™.
  • Scalability: MapR is the only platform that scales all the way to a trillion files without compromising performance.
  • High performance: The MapR Platform was designed for high performance, with respect to both high throughput and low latency.
  • Search and discovery: Indexing and search capabilities that integrate with MapR help aggregate various customer touchpoints and provide a user interface that delivers rich insight.

*Source: McKinsey Marketing Practice, June 2013

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