Data Warehouse Optimization and Analytics

Enterprise data warehouses are being re-architected to accommodate increasing data volumes as well as new types of data such as clickstream, logs and social among others. Data warehousing and analytics teams can use the Quick Start Solution built on MapR to reduce overall system cost by performing transformations on MapR and get granular and richer analytics across the combined MapR and data warehouse solution.

  • Answer new questions: Analytics to answers questions that were previously impossible or very tough to answer.
  • Ad-hoc data exploration: Explore unknown data and identify trends worth operationalizing.
  • Reduce overall TCO: Store larger volumes of data at a lower cost

1-year subscription of
6 nodes of MapR

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a big data expert

3 MapR
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The solution template includes workflows that help you move cold data to MapR and perform ETL transformations. Installation and configuration of the MapR cluster is included within the scope of this Quick Start Solution.

Key solution capabilities

  • Cost effective data management platform: Data management platform that helps store large volume of data at a lower cost than alternatives.
  • Improve responsiveness of the data warehouse: Perform ETL transformations on the MapR Platform, thereby restoring CPU capacity and storage to the data warehouse.
  • Process and analyze new data: Take advantage of new data types such as clickstream, social, mobile and machine data.

Data Warehouse Optimization and Analytics Template

Key MapR differentiators

  • Data archival: The MapR Platform enables archival and storage of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data going back several months and years.
  • Data ingestion: Copying data to and from the MapR cluster is as simple as copying data to a standard file system using Direct Access NFS™.
  • Scalability: MapR is the only platform that scales all the way to a trillion files without compromising performance.
  • High performance: The MapR Platform was designed for high performance, with respect to both high throughput and low latency.
  • Search and discovery: Indexing and search capabilities that integrate with MapR help aggregate various customer touchpoints and provide a user interface that delivers rich insight.

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