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Real-World Hadoop Big Data All Stars:
Real-World Stories and Wisdom from the Best in Big Data


The MapR Converged Data Platform provides competitive advantage for organizations across industries in several key functional areas of the business including IT, marketing, security and risk, and business operations. By enabling big data applications for both operational and analytical use cases, the MapR Converged Data Platform represents the heart of the data-driven businesses.

Key functional areas are listed below.

As fraud and security breaches are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, traditional security solutions are not able to protect company assets. MapR enables organizations to analyze unlimited amounts and types of data in real time, widen the scale and accelerate the speed of threat analysis, and improve risk assessment by building sophisticated machine learning models. See how these companies and others are using the MapR Converged Data Platform for security and risk management.

The proliferation in the number of channels by which customers communicate has resulted in marketers drowning in data and struggling to better understand their customers. Marketers have to continually deliver above-market growth and show measurable results. MapR marketing optimization solutions enable marketers to cost-effectively integrate and analyze disparate data to gain richer customer insights, develop personalized real-time customer relationships, and increase revenue.

Deploying operational intelligence systems with MapR leverages the high performance, massively scalable, and reliable MapR Converged Data Platform to give businesses a powerful, enterprise-grade, distributed computing platform. See how these companies and others are using the MapR Converged Data Platform for operational intelligence.

Organizations everywhere are grappling with how to manage their growing big data sets from ERP and e-commerce systems, log files, sensor data, social media and more. MapR provides a cost-effective enterprise data hub (EDH) to store, transform, cleanse, filter, analyze and gain new value from all kinds of data. See how these companies and others are using the MapR Converged Data Platform as an Enterprise Data Hub.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived—and it’s here to stay—with its network of RFID tags, machines, appliances, smart phones, buildings, and many other devices with embedded technology that can be accessed over the Internet.