Jump-Start Your Application Deployments

MapR Quick Start Solutions are a set of purpose-built solutions for the most critical and valuable use cases.

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These solutions, which include pre-built templates for each of the areas listed below, let you quickly get started with big data projects and achieve faster time-to-value. Installation and configuration of the MapR cluster is included within each Quick Start Solution.

For marketing organizations, knowing your customer is a governing factor in how successful you can be to reach and influence them. As the depth and breadth of new, customer-related data sources has grown, the definition of Customer 360 has evolved. Our view of the customer must move from a static master profile, to an evolving, high definition story.

The topics of risk and risk management continue to be a critical subject for banks, lenders, insurers, and many others in the financial services industry. Companies are increasingly using data science, machine learning, and advanced analytics to identify and quantify risk in order to mitigate adverse effects on the business. Once the risks are assessed, strategies and activities can be put in place to mitigate and control the potential financial, productivity, or reputational damage that these risks pose.

Capturing, transporting, and processing event streams is one of the fastest growing big data and Internet of Things (IoT) use cases for organizations across industries. The Stream Processing Quick Start Solution will enable application developers and analytics teams to accelerate deployment of real-time stream analytics and dashboards using technologies such as MapR Streams and Apache Spark.

New analytical insights are the fuel for future business growth and ideation of new business opportunities. Whether you’re a line of business manager, IT manager or analytics leader, self-service analytics is a key business initiative. The data driving these new analytics is increasingly semi-structured in nature, such as JSON and different types of files being stored in big data systems.

With data breaches becoming more frequent and sophisticated, protecting customer information and intellectual property is of paramount importance. The Security Log Analytics Solution will enable security teams to accelerate deployment of a solution that leverages MapR. Security teams can use the Quick Start Solution built on MapR to gain comprehensive visibility into their environment and detect anomalous behavior as quickly as possible.

Time series analysis is used in a variety of applications, including industrial equipment maintenance, user behavior analysis and high frequency stock trading. Devices and sensors are continuously transmitting data points, often with an associated time component, and the Internet-of-Things is accelerating the rate at which this data is generated. Application developers and architects can leverage the Time Series Analytics solution to quickly develop and deploy real-time alerting and dashboarding applications on time-series data.

Enterprise data warehouses are being re-architected to accommodate increasing data volumes as well as new types of data such as clickstream, logs and social among others. Data warehousing and analytics teams can use the Quick Start Solution built on MapR to reduce overall system cost by performing transformations on MapR and get granular and richer analytics across the combined MapR and data warehouse solution.

With the proliferation in the number of channels used by consumers to research products and services, indicate likes and dislikes, and conduct commerce, delivering a tailored customer experience is of paramount importance. Recommendation engines help improve customer experience and on average deliver a 3-5% revenue uplift. Marketing teams can use the Quick Start Solution built on MapR to deliver revenue uplift, reduce churn, and increase customer loyalty.