ADM 210 - Upgrade a MapR Cluster


About this course

This course takes students through the process of upgrading a MapR cluster, beginning with what to include in a cluster upgrade plan, and how to perform pre-upgrade testing.

Prerequisites for success in the course

Review the following prerequisites carefully and decide if you are ready to succeed in this course. The Instructor will move forward with lab exercises, assuming that you have mastered the skills listed below.

  • Required:
    • Basic Linux knowledge, including familiarity with command-line options such a mv, cp, cd, ls, ssh, and scp
    • The ability to use a Linux text editor such as vi
    • Basic familiarity with administering the MapR Converged Data Platform, including the ability to use the command line and the MapR Control System (MCS) user interface
    • Access to, and the ability to use, a laptop with a browser and internet access.
  • Recommended:
    • Completion of the ADM 2000 curriculum which is comprised of the on-demand courses ADM 200 through ADM 203, or equivalent experience using a MapR cluster

What's Included

  • Slide Guide/transcript
  • Lab Guide with exercises

Right for you?

  • For administrators who are, or will be, responsible for maintaining a MapR cluster.


Lesson 1:
Plan the Upgrade
  • Identify upgrade methods
  • Develop and plan and prepare to for upgrade
  • Lab: Run a pre-upgrade test plan
  • Summarize the upgrade process
Lesson 2:
Upgrade MapR Core
  • Prepare to upgrade
  • Lab: Prepare to upgrade
  • Upgrade MapR core software
  • Lab: Upgrade MapR core
Lesson 3:
Upgrade Ecosystem Components and MapR Clients
  • Upgrade ecosystem components
  • Lab: Upgrade Hive and Pig
  • Upgrade MapR Clients
  • Additional Upgrade Considerations
  • Lab: Apply a Patch