DEV 350 - MapR Streams Essentials


About this course

This course is targeted towards a general audience, including developers and administrators, to give them the core concepts necessary to understand and begin using MapR Streams. It introduces the benefits of MapR Streams for developing big data processing applications. Core concepts are taught using real use case scenarios that will form the basis of hands-on labs in later courses.

Right for you?

  • For developers, administrators, and others interested in big data with MapR

Are you ready?

  • Required
    • Basic understanding of big data concepts
  • Recommended
    • Basic understanding of the MapR Converged Data Platform
    • Basic understanding of application development principles

What's Next?


Lesson 1: Introduction to MapR Streams
  • Summarize the motivation behind MapR Streams
  • Apply MapR Streams to common use cases
Lesson 2: MapR Streams Architecture
  • Define core components of MapR Streams
  • Summarize the life of a message in MapR Streams