MCSD - MapR Certified Spark Developer


MapR Certified Spark Developer Exam Details

The MapR Certified Spark Developer credential is designed for Engineers, Programmers, and Developers who prepare and process large amounts of data using Spark. The certification tests your ability to use Spark in a production environment; where coding knowledge is tested, we lean toward the use of Scala for our code samples.

Exam Format and Fees
  • Number of Questions: 60 - 80
  • Time Limit: 120 minutes
  • Cost: $250
  • Pass/Fail (no score given)

Experience Prerequisites
  • A minimum of one year of programming
  • Experience with Java and Scala

Certification Exam Subject Areas
  • Load and Inspect Data
  • Build an Apache Spark Application
  • Working with Pair RDD
  • Working with DataFrames
  • Monitoring Spark Applications
  • Spark Streaming
  • Advanced Spark Programming Machine Learning

How to Prepare

Certification Exam Content Groups
Topic Approximate Weighting
Load and Inspect Data 24%
Build an Apache Spark Application 14%
Working with Pair RDD 17%
Working with DataFrames 14%
Monitoring Spark Applications 10%
Spark Streaming 10%
Advanced Spark Programming Machine Learning 10%