ESS 100 – Introduction to Big Data


About this course

This course introduces students to the basics of big data. Students will learn about big data concepts and how different tools and roles can help solve real-world big data problems.

Prerequisites What’s Included
None. Ideal for business managers, students, developers, administrators, analysts or anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of transitioning from traditional data models to big data models.
  • Slide guide
  • Glossary
  • This is a non-lab course.

What’s next?

ESS 101 – Apache Hadoop Essentials, and ESS 102 – MapR Converged Data Platform, which comprise the ESS 1000 series courses. These are prerequisites for all courses in the Administrator (ADM), Data Analyst (DA), and Developer (DEV) learning paths.


Lesson 1:
Introduction to Big Data
  • Define big data
  • Summarize the history of big data computing
  • Define key terms in big data computing
Lesson 2:
The Big Data Pipeline
  • Organize the steps in the data pipeline
  • Explain the role of administrators
  • Explain the role of developers
  • Explain the role of data analysts