DEV 351 – Developing MapR Streams Applications


About this course

This course is targeted towards developers and administrators to give them the core concepts necessary to build simple MapR Streams applications. It introduces a basic framework for building producer and consumer applications, and discusses options for configuring these applications. Core concepts are taught using real use case scenarios that form the basis of hands-on labs.

Right for you?

  • For developers, administrators, and others interested in big data with MapR

Are you ready?

  • Required
    • Basic understanding of MapR Streams, as from DEV 350: MapR Streams Essentials
    • Basic understanding of Java Programming API
    • Basic understanding of application development principles
  • Recommended
    • Familiarity with general big data concepts
    • Familiarity with the MapR Converged Data Platform


Lesson 3: Introduction to Producers and Consumers
  • Create a stream
  • Develop a Java producer
  • Develop a Java consumer
Lesson 4: Producer and Consumer Details
  • Describe producer properties and options
  • Describe consumer properties and options
  • Explain messaging semantics