DEV 335 - Developing HBase Applications: Advanced



About this course

Targeted towards data architects and application developers who have experience with Java, the goal of this series of courses is to learn how to write HBase programs using Hadoop as a distributed NoSQL datastore. This course builds on DEV 320 and 325 - HBase Data Model and Schema Design. This is a continuation of DEV 330 - Developing HBase Applications: Basics.

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  • For data analysts and developers who have experience with Java programming

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Yes, if you have:

What's next?


This course helps prepare you for the MapR Certified HBase Developer (MCHBD) certification exam


Lesson 4: Advanced HBase Java API
  • Filters
  • Counters
    • Single column counter
    • Multiple column counters
  • Lab
    • Using filters in an application
    • Using counter increment for row transactions in an application

Lesson 5: Time Series and Social Applications

  • Review of HBase Data Model and Schema Design
  • Explanation of Time Series and Social Application implementations
  • Lab
    • Programming a time series application
    • Programming a social application

Lesson 6: MapReduce on HBase

  • How is MapReduce used on HBase?
  • How to program MapReduce applications for HBase
  • Lab
    • Reading from HBase and writing back daily statistics


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