MapR Hadoop Certification

With the MapR Hadoop certification program, you can demonstrate your big data expertise and gain recognition for one of the most sought after skills in technology today. A MapR Hadoop certification proves you have demonstrated proficiency as a Hadoop Administrator, Developer, and Data Analyst. Read our FAQ for more details.


For Candidates

Candidates who meet the preparation requirements and pass a certification exam will receive many benefits:
  • Industry recognition for widely sought after big data skills
  • Official designation and logo that can be used on business cards and online profiles
  • Digitally verifiable credential for employers and clients
  • An electronically delivered certificate

For Employers

  • Build competitive advantage by leveraging big data expertise
  • Faster onboarding for certified individuals
  • Better use of Hadoop technologies to meet business needs
  • Employee knowledge sharing and best practices for building big data applications

MapR Hadoop Certifications

MapR Academy offers the following certifications:
  • MCCA - MapR Certified Cluster Administrator: This credential is designed for Engineers and Administrators who are responsible for preparing the cluster for install, installing, setting up, and maintaining a MapR Cluster.
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  • MCHD - MapR Certified Hadoop Developer: This certification exam demonstrates proficiency in the design and development MapReduce/YARN programs.
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  • MCHBD - MapR Certified HBase Developer: This certification demonstrates proficiency in the development of HBase programs using HBase as a distributed NoSQL datastore.
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  • MCSD - MapR Certified Spark Developer: This certification demonstrates proficiency in Apache Spark programming to work with large datasets.
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Details on exam content, prerequisite knowledge, question weighting and recommended preparation are listed under each exam’s certification detail pages.

Maintaining Certification

Your Certification is tied to the version of the exam that you passed and remains permanently valid for that version. MapR will continue to release new versions of each certification exam, covering new features and challenges in your chosen subject area. You are welcome to take the new exam at any time. MapR provides multiple learning opportunities and delivery formats to support the learning effort required to upgrade your certification version.

For More Information
To get further details about the program see the MapR Academy Community ​space

New Certifications Coming Soon!

MapR Certified Hadoop Data Analyst (MCHDA)
Attaining this certification level signifies a high level of expertise for the data analyst.