DEV 340 - Apache HBase Applications: Bulk Loading, Performance & Security


About this course

This course builds on DEV 320 and DEV 325 – HBase Data Model and Schema Design, and DEV 330 and DEV 340 – Developing HBase Applications.

Right for you?

  • For data analysts, data architects and application developers.

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Yes, if you have:


This course helps prepare you for the MapR Certified HBase Developer (MCHBD) certification exam.


Lesson 7:
Bulk Loading of Data
  • Describe the bulk loading data process
  • Use the ImportTsv bulk load tool
  • Bulk load with MapReduce
  • Pre-split tables
  • Lab: Use ImportTsv and CopyTable to bulk load data
  • Lab: Use a custom MapReduce program to bulk load data
Lesson 8:
  • Define performance priorities based on data access patterns
  • Define guidelines for schema design based on data access patterns and performance priorities
  • Apply Java API performance tips
  • Define region, row sizes, and performance guidelines
  • Apply configuration performance tips
  • Benchmark HBase application performance
  • Lab: Performance Benchmarking with YCSB
Lesson 9:
Securing MapR-DB Tables
  • Describe security fundamentals
  • Secure your MapR-DB
  • Lab: MapR-DB tables authorization