DA 410 - Apache Drill Essentials



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This introductory Apache Drill course, targeted at Data Analysts, Scientists and SQL programmers, covers how to use Drill to explore known or unknown data without writing code. You will write SQL queries on a variety of data types including structured data in a Hive table, semi-structured data in HBase or MapR-DB, and complex data file types, such as Parquet and JSON.

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  • For data analysts and developers that want to learn SQL on Hadoop technologies

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Lesson 1: SQL Queries
  • Write familiar SQL queries on structured data
    • Get familiar with the ease of using SQL with Drill
  • Write familiar SQL queries on a range of data types
    • Perform SQL queries on semi-structured data
    • Use SQL to query complex and nested JSON data
  • Use Drill Explorer to explore semi-structured data
    • Discover the schema of unknown data
    • Preview unknown data

Lesson 2: Querying Self Describing Data

  • List the different types of data Drill can explore and query
    • Simple and complex data types
    • Structured and semi-structured data
  • Describe how Drill interacts with data and discovers its schema
  • Explore data to create queries using multiple data sources
    • Join simple, complex, structures and semi-structured data in the same query
  • Use views to visualize data in BI tools
    • Create a view to save common queries for easy reuse
    • Load a view into your BI tools to visualize queries without writing code
Lab Exercises
  • Familiar SQL queries on structured Hive data
  • Familiar SQL queries on complex data
    • Query Parquet data
    • Query JSON data
    • A single query that joins Hive, HBase and JSON
  • Explore Multiple Data Sources with the Drill Explorer
    • Drill Explorer Interface
    • Data sources
    • Discover data schema
    • Preview data
    • Save a view


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