DA 415 - Apache Drill Architecture


About this course

DA 415 is an intermediate level course designed for data analysts, developers, and systems administrators. It is a continuation of DA 410 - Apache Drill Essentials, and describes how a query is received and executed by Drill. You will learn the different services involved at each step, and how Drill optimizes a query for distributed SQL execution.

Right for you?

  • For data analysts and developers who want to learn SQL-on-Hadoop technologies

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This course prepares you for the MapR Certified Data Analyst (MCDA) certification exam.


Lesson 3: Drill Architecture
  • Components of Drill
    • Learn the components of a Drillbit
    • Customize extensible Drill core modules
  • Drill Execution
    • Follow a query through execution in Drill
    • Learn how a query is broken into fragments and distributed on a cluster
    • Describe the stages involved with query planning
  • Optimization and Flexibility of Drill
    • Learn the cost-based and rule-based techniques used by the Drill optimizer
    • Discover the flexibility and extensibility of Drill