MCHBD - MapR Certified HBase Developer


MapR Certified HBase Developer Exam Details

This certification exam measures and validates the technical knowledge, skills and abilities required to write HBase programs using HBase as a distributed NoSQL datastore. This exam covers HBase architecture, the HBase data model, APIs, schema design, performance tuning, bulk-loading of data, and storing complex data structures.

Exam Format and Fees
  • Number of Questions: 60 - 80
  • Time Limit: 120 minutes
  • Cost: $250
  • Pass/Fail (no score given)

Experience Prerequisites
  • Background in computer science, and Linux/Unix OS
  • Java Programming experience

Certification Exam Subject Areas
  • HBase data model
  • HBase architecture
  • HBase schema design
  • HBase Java API
  • HBase use cases and performance considerations
  • MapR-DB architecture differences

How to Prepare

Certification Exam Content Groups
Topic Approximate Weighting
HBase data model 20%
HBase architecture 20%
HBase schema design 20%
HBase use cases and performance considerations 5%
HBase Java API 25%
MapR-DB architecture differences 10%