ADM 202 - Data Access and Protection


About this course

Learn Cluster Administration with real-world system administrator concepts and practices, including planning, installation and configuration, load balancing and tuning diagnosing deployment issues, performance, setting up a Hadoop cluster with direct access NFS, snapshots, monitoring cluster health, resolving hardware issues and troubleshooting job errors.

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  • For system administrators who are, or will be, in charge of installing, configuring, and maintaining a MapR cluster.

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What's Next?


This course prepares you for the MapR Certified Cluster Administrator (MCCA) certification exam.


Lesson 8:
Access the Cluster
  • Access data with standard Hadoop
  • Access data with MapR and NFS
  • Lab: Modify cluster files
  • Set up client access
  • Lab: Configure client NFS access
  • Configure Virtual IP Addresses
  • Lab: Configure VIPs
  • Control access to the cluster
  • Lab: Use Access Control Expressions
Lesson 9:
  • Understand snapshots
  • Configure and use snapshots
  • Lab: Snapshots
Lesson 10:
  • Understand how mirrors work
  • Configure and use local mirrors
  • Lab: Mirrors and schedules
  • Cascading and remote mirrors