Easy, Real-time Access to Data with Apache Drill

Hadoop is a powerful and cost-effective framework for processing large data sets — but how do you get self-service, real-time access to your data? Leveraging an SQL-on-Hadoop engine and BI tools gives the everyday user access to valuable data without relying on having in-depth knowledge of technical application programming interfaces. Apache Drill is a new project which makes SQL on modern data structures in Hadoop, NoSQL, and more easier than ever.

In this panel discussion, Matt Aslett from 451 Research with an end-user and the Apache Drill architect, will explore the major role SQL-on-Hadoop technologies play in organizations and cover real implementation stories. Register to learn:

Key benefits and use cases for Apache Drill and other SQL approaches
  • Challenges in designing and delivering SQL-on-Hadoop
  • The future of Drill — an architect's perspective on what's next