Twin Cities Hadoop User Group August 2015 - Apache Drill
Saint Paul, MN
Thursday, August 27, 2015
The Twin Cities Hadoop User Group is a community based in Saint Paul, MN, that focuses on discussing and learning on Hadoop.


Demo on Apache Drill

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Drill (inspired by Google Dremel) is now a top-level Apache project with a high degree of interest from the community. In addition to providing an SQL interface to Hadoop, it can connect more broadly to other data sources. It’s less about making files look like relational tables and more about using SQL as a skeleton key to read files in their native form. At this meeting, MapR will present a live demonstration leveraging multiple data sets, showcasing the value of Drill. The demonstration will walk through a real world use case where both discovery and data analytics are required in a self-serve manner.


Ben Knorr
Ben Knorr is a Solutions Architect for MapR. He brings over 15 years of experience in Enterprise Architecture. Prior to joining MapR, he was a Systems Engineer for NetApp, where he worked with customers and prospects to architect solutions around Virtualization, Cloud Deployments, Relational Databases, and Enterprise Backup & Recovery. Prior to NetApp, Ben held several Systems Architect roles at IBM. Ben is a graduate of Virginia Tech.