Twin Cities Enterprise NoSQL Jan 2015- Hadoop & NoSQL
"Associated Bank Building 5353 Wayzata Blvd - 2nd Floor Look for Signs, St Louis Park , MN
Thursday, January 29, 2015
The Twin Cities Enterprise NoSQL is a group that helps anyone in the Midwest involved in the Enterprise database selection process to understand the value of NoSQL databases.


Hadoop & NoSQL Joining Forces

More and more organizations are turning to Hadoop and NoSQL to manage big data. In fact, many IT professionals consider each of those terms to be synonymous with big data. At the same time, these two technologies are seen as different beasts that handle different challenges. That means they are often deployed in a rather disjointed way, even when intended to solve the same overarching business problem. The emerging trend of “in-Hadoop databases” promises to narrow the deployment gap between them and enable new enterprise applications. In this talk, we will describe that integrated architecture and how customers have deployed it to benefit both the technical and the business teams.