Teradata 2015 Partners Conference
Anaheim, CA
Sunday, October 18, 2015
Thursday, October 22, 2015
MapR is proud to sponsor the 30th annual Teradata PARTNERS Conference which focuses on insights into business, marketing and technical trends for data-driven businesses.


Hacking Hadoop and How to Prevent It

Peyman Mohajerian View Bio

Monday, October 19 2:45pm

Co-Presented with Chris McVey, Teradata

Using only freely available network tools and Hadoop client utilities, this session will demonstrate multiple methods for extracting sensitive data from a Hadoop Data Lake without authorization. We will analyze Hadoop’s out-of-the-box security controls and the ease with which a cluster can be discovered and compromised. The session will identify security vulnerabilities in Hadoop in order to better understand security requirements for new or maturing implementations.

We will begin with a brief history of security on the platform and then, by proving the relative insecurity of Hadoop in its native form, we will illustrate why improving security of the Hadoop data lake is of the utmost importance. The technical portion of the session will be separated into network discovery, impersonation, and mitigating security controls. We will also explore the likelihood of sensitive data being stored in the data lake due to the nature of its use.

The Silver Bullet for Hadoop Integration: Data Governance and Security

Bill Peterson View Bio

Tuesday, October 20 3:00pm

Some people would have you believe that big data and Hadoop provide a silver bullet for making data governance and data management easier. The reality is that Hadoop needs to be tightly integrated in your existing security and governance practices. What are some of the common pitfalls that early adopters have learned, and what technologies and tools (such as Teradata Loom and QueryGrid) are available to get the most from ALL your data assets across a unified data architecture (UDA)? Come to this session where we will highlight customer examples in terms of how they integrated Teradata and Hadoop while maintaining bullet-proof security and data governance best practices.


Peyman Mohajerian
Peyman is a Senior Data Engineer at MapR. Peyman has consulted with numerous customers regarding all aspects of Hadoop, as well as the UDA infrastructure as a Senior Architect of the UDA Hadoop Center of Excellence. Prior to joining MapR, Peyman was a Senior Data Architect for Teradata, where he was responsible for finding the best architectural solution for clients, in the areas of data archival, data flow, analytic and data science. Prior to Teradata, Peyman was a Senior Application Architect for Fox Filmed Entertainment, where he had a leadership role in building a new big data platform and team in the data warehouse organization. Prior to that role, he was a Senior Architect for ReachLocal, where he was responsible for making software architectural changes in order to improve the scalability and quality of the publisher integration system. Earlier in his career, he held engineering roles at Experian Interactive Media, LowerMyBills.com, and Miratech Holdings.
Bill Peterson
William “Bill” Peterson is the Director of Product Marketing for MapR. Prior to MapR, William was the Director of Product and Solutions Marketing for CenturyLink Technology Solutions, where he was responsible for marketing, strategy and leadership for the company’s big data efforts. Prior to CenturyLink, Bill ran Product and Solutions Marketing for NetApp’s Big Analytics and Hadoop solutions. In addition to his marketing role at NetApp, Bill was the Marketing Co-Chair for the Analytics and Big Data committee, SNIA. Prior to joining NetApp, Bill held leadership positions at IDC within the Software Consulting Group, and at Page One PR. Bill has also served as a research analyst at IDC and The Hurwitz Group, covering the operating environments, portals, content management and business intelligence markets. In addition, Bill was Director of Marketing for TurboLinux, where he led the S-1 team. Earlier in his career, he served as Vice President of Marketing for Venturcom, ran vertical solutions marketing for Computer Associates, and was an IT manager at Harvard University. Bill did his undergraduate work at Bentley University, and has completed MBA coursework at Suffolk University.