Structure Data 2016
San Francisco, CA
Thursday, March 10, 2016
Structure Data brings together top computer scientists, software executives and business users to discuss how advances in data technology are already reshaping our world—and why it’s only the beginning.


Convergence: What's Next with Big Data

John Schroeder View Bio

Open source software is all the rage, but monetizing it can be a difficult task. MapR CEO John Schroeder will explain how his company balances OSS with enterprise features in order to keep the business growing. Moderated by Derrick Harris, Senior Research Analyst at Structure Events. 


John Schroeder

John has served as MapR’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board since founding the company in 2009.

Prior to founding MapR, John held executive positions in a number of enterprise software companies with a focus on data, storage and business intelligence including: CEO of Calista Technologies (now Microsoft), CEO of Rainfinity (now EMC), SVP of Products and Marketing at Brio Technologies (BRYO) and General Manager at Compuware (CPWR).