New York, NY
Monday, June 16, 2014
The Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC) Summits bring together industry leaders in architecture, application development and optimization, infrastructure engineering, and operational intelligence to discuss the latest technical challenges and solutions.


Democratizing big data analytics: realities, visions, and hurdles (Panel)

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Many banks and securities firms are turning to new "big data" technologies to enhance their powers of analysis, increase their agility, or reduce their costs. The use cases are real, important, and growing. Some banks have implemented or are implementing centralized analytics platforms using these technologies to serve multiple use cases. Their ultimate goal is to "democratize" analytics--that is, not only serving elite data scientists but also a much broader swath of employees who have ideas worth exploring. However, doing this has many infrastructural implications. For example, how can the many security and entitlements requirements be handled? How can firms deal with "ontologicial sprawl" so that users don't have to be experts in the eccentricities of specific datasets? And as more users crowd onto the system, how does the platform prevent one of them from spoiling the service levels to others? Our expert panelists will share their views on what has been achieved, what they would like to achieve next, and what it will take to get there.

Other panelists:

  • Gary Bhattacharjee, Head of Enterprise Information Solutions, Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley
  • Luigi Mercone, Director, Investment Banking Engineering, Credit Suisse
  • Carl Reed, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs



M.C. Srivas

Srivas is MapR's co-founder. Srivas ran one of the major search infrastructure teams at Google where GFS, BigTable and MapReduce were used extensively. He wanted to provide that powerful capability to everyone, and started MapR on his vision to build the next-generation platform for semi-structured big data. That vision is shared by all at MapR. Srivas brings to MapR his experiences at Google, Spinnaker Networks, Transarc in building game-changing products that advance the state of the art.