Self-Service Data Exploration with Apache Drill
Manchester, United Kingdom
Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This is the fifth (and final) in a series of introduction presentations by major players in the Hadoop eco system. Our intention is to give the vendors an opportunity to present their thoughts on Hadoop and to deep dive into areas that should be considered when evaluating the plethora of "Big Data" solutions. We are calling this series of presentations "Hey big vendor". Last up is MapR.


Hey big vendor - MapR

Richard Shaw View Bio

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Richard will introduce Apache Drill, the new, low latency SQL query engine for Hadoop and NoSQL. Drill offers agility in allowing end users with SQL experience to query all of the data in a Hadoop cluster without preparation. Flexibility in analysing semi-structured and nested JSON data in files and in HBase & MapR-DB, the in-Hadoop NoSQL databases. Extensibility with plugins to query disparate external data sources.


Richard Shaw
Richard Shaw is a Software Architect with MapR, developing Hadoop solutions for enterprises to handle their big data requirements. With a background in DevOps and NoSQL, Richard has held positions with General Motors, Guardian Media Group, Betfair and most recently Basho Technologies.