Predictive Analytics World Chicago 2015
Chicago, IL
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Predictive Analytics World is a cross-vendor event for predictive analytics professionals, managers and commercial practitioners. This conference delivers case studies and expertise around big data and analytic tools.


Best Practices for Generating Business Advantage

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Reducing costs and increasing revenue are top of mind today. Predictive analytics has emerged as a primary use case for Hadoop to leverage various Machine Learning techniques. We will provide real-world financial services, online advertising, and retail use cases focused on utilization of predictive analytics to generate business advantage. We will discuss best practices for implementing predictive analytics with Hadoop -- data preparation and feature engineering -- to learning and making real-time predictions. We will discuss Mahout and Solr to deliver batch and real-time solutions. We will cover key operational considerations for effective model training and long-term business benefits.


Mike Emerick
Mike is a former IBMer where he co-founded IBM healthcare transformation lab. The Lab was a center for healthcare integration and analytics. His work includes genomic research of the HIV virus, gene ontology specifically for food plants in agriculture. Mike, founded a nonprofit to promote Urban agriculture and the data science behind food production. He has worked with NGO's, heads of state and presidential cabinet members helping them learn and understand the next generation Agriculture and food supplies. He is now working with the electronic frontier foundation to develop new licences for providing and keeping data open and free. He is active in the the Chicago hacker/maker movement and logs many of his creative hours at Workshop 88 in the Chicago Suburbs.