Phoenix Data Conference 2015
Phoenix, AZ
Saturday, October 24, 2015
Organized by the Phoenix Hadoop user group, the Phoenix Data Conference 2015 is an event that focuses on Hadoop and its related ecosystem and Data Science.


Apache Drill 1.x: A look at the changes in Drill over the last year and how it is impacting the big data landscape

Jim Bates View Bio

Apache Drill provides a familiar ANSI SQL interface to explore big data on your own without having to create any centralized schema. As a consequence, exploring big data and building new information streams into your decision making process becomes extremely easy. Think about the ability to go from new data to actionable data in days or even hours as opposed to weeks. This session will cover a review of the advancements in Drill over the last year and the capabilities found in its current release as well as some of the areas that drill has been useful in production.


Jim Bates

Jim brings over 12 years of experience in systems and support engineering to his role as a Senior Systems Engineer at MapR. Jim was previously a Senior Systems Engineer for WANdisco. Prior to that, Jim was a Senior Systems Engineer for Spirent Communications, a multinational telecommunications test company. Jim also held various roles in systems engineering at Mu Dynamics. Earlier in his career, Jim held engineering positions at Tellabs and Advanced Fibre Communications. He began his career as an Officer in the US Army, where he designed and implemented mobile routing networks and jumped out of airplanes with Cisco routers to get the internet working over single channel tactical satellite networks. In addition to his technical roles, Jim has worked as a house framer, a fireman, a janitor, an infantryman, and a paratrooper. His very first job was that of a farmer and rancher, working alongside his father, a time during which he learned his most important life lessons. When not working for MapR, Jim enjoys carpentry work, welding, kayaking, hiking, and spending time with his family.

Jim holds a BS/EE in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University.