Phoenix Data Conference
Phoenix, AZ
Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Phoenix Data Conference is an all day conference to see the latest tools, trends and techniques powering the paradigm shift in the way industry leaders store, process and use large data sets.


Apache Drill: Highly Flexible, High Performance Queries on Big Data

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Talk starts 1:40pm MST

In today's world, you need to be able to keep up with complex, rapidly evolving data, without having to wait for traditional RDBMS data management processes before you can start exploring new data and developing new insights. You also need to be able to use familiar tools to develop those insights, including the SQL query language and the tremendous toolsets built on top of it. Michael Farnbach, Solutions Architect at MapR, will deliver this presentation. Apache Drill enables analysts and data scientists to perform fast SQL queries on Big Data, drawing both on traditional DBA-managed tables, as well as data in files and NoSQL databases whose structures may be complex and rapidly evolving. In this presentation we'll describe how Drill meets this challenge, we'll demonstrate Drill in action on a live Hadoop cluster, and we'll show how you can easily get started using Drill even on a single machine without Hadoop.


Michael Farnbach

Michael Farnbach is a Solutions Architect for Big Data and High Performance Computing currently providing Professional Services with MapR Technologies. Professionally he is known for brilliance and leadership in technical architecture, service management and delivery. Michael’s ability to envision the future, tempered by an incisive view of the state of current offerings, helps businesses successfully match requirements with appropriate solutions that are innovative, intuitive and operationally solid. Among the companies he’s worked with are Honeywell, Pearson Education, Bentley University, Northrop Grumman, NewEgg, and others. Away from work he spends time with a very active wife and four children exploring history, science, nature, and fine arts. And with any time left over he is currently restoring a vintage racecar.