New York Apache Drill Meetup - January 2016
New York City, USA
Wednesday, January 13, 2016
The is a New York Apache Drill Meetup community of people interested in Apache Drill, an open source project for self-service data exploration.


Querying Network Packet Captures with Spark and Drill

Vince Gonzalez View Bio

The use case I'll be covering involves live packet capture using tcpdump, Spark Streaming to process the incoming PCAP files, as well as Elasticsearch and Apache Drill for search and query over the data. I'll talk about the approach we took to building this, some of the challenges we faced and time permitting I'll do a demo.


Vince Gonzalez

Vince Gonzalez is a Systems Engineer for MapR. He has 20 years of experience designing, implementing and automating infrastructure and applications. Previously, he was an Field Application Engineer for AMD Data Center Server Solutions (formerly SeaMicro), where he supported customers in the eastern U.S. Prior to AMD/SeaMicro, Vince worked for BlueArc Corporation. Vince held a variety of roles at BlueArc, including Field Engineer, Sales Engineer, and Director of Technical Services, where he led the Eastern region field technical team. Earlier in his career, Vince was a UNIX/Linux administrator.