Internet of Things World 2015
San Francisco, CA
Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Internet of Things World 2015 is the world’s largest and most comprehensive IoT event - with over 4,000 attendees, 250+ industry thought leaders and 150+ exhibitors. With a focus on monetizing the IoT revolution through bringing together ecosystem wide attendees, stakeholders and investors, Internet of Things World is a unique opportunity to promote your IoT message right in the heartland of IoT development.


Data Platform Considerations for IoT Solutions

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Supporting the ever-expanding requirements of IoT solutions requires a new approach to big data platforms. Traditional solutions that separate the queuing, storage, event processing, and data analytics functions simply cannot adapt to the changing needs of these advanced applications. For that reason, selection of a data platform becomes critically important. In this talk, we’ll discuss the key requirements of a Big Data platform capable of being the center of the IoT world. Specific topics include storage performance across a wide range file sizes and types data resilience features integration features and storage API support. Lastly, we’ll present some specific customer deployments that demonstrate the importance of these features in enterprise-grade IoT applications.


David Tucker
David is a solutions architect with MapR Technologies, specializing in cloud deployments and performance issues. He joined MapR in 2012 from HP's Enterprise Servers organization, where he had worked with strategic software partners for over 15 years