India Big Data & Analytics Summit
Bangalore, India
Thursday, February 5, 2015
Friday, February 6, 2015

India Big Data & Analytics Summit is a unique opportunity for all executive and professionals involved in data storage, data management and data analysis to gather and discuss how companies can effectively manage, protect and leverage the growing amounts of data in the enterprise.


Best Practices for Hadoop In Production

Vishwas Tengse View Bio

2015 is expected to be the year when Hadoop goes mainstream. A majority of companies are expected to move Hadoop from small-scale test environments into full-fledged production deployments. So what does it take to put Hadoop in production? How do you keep your Hadoop operational costs low? In this session Vishwas Tengse, Director of Strategic Alliance, will share how some organizations built multi million dollar revenue streams by deploying Hadoop successfully.


Vishwas Tengse

Working with MapR as Director Strategic Alliance carries deep technical experience on Enterprise Technologies from his previous Avatars at Intel & EMC. Being an Industry evangelist in domains like Distributed Computing, Cloud and BigData Technologies, Vish has been involved in various Large Live Project roll outs in Telco, FSI and Manufacturing & Mobility Industry. He has played role of Technology Architect and delivered consulting advices which helped many large customers worldwide in solving their business issues with right solution choice. He caries in depth domain and engineering experience in File System, Storage, Hadoop framework, IOT technologies. Vishwas has been a long time practitioner of Yoga being part of his family tradition. Vish has been contributing to medical society in various research domains like Diabetes free world, Healing Psychosomatic disorders for holistic well being and many more.