Huntsville Big Data Meetup - Apache Drill 101 Quality Circle, Huntsville, AL
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
The Huntsville Big Data and Data Science meet up provides a space to discuss all things in Big Data and Data Science, including tools, use cases and especially opportunities around this emerging area of large scale data management and data analysis.


Self-Service Data Exploration and Nested Data Analytics on Hadoop

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Apache Drill provides the users the ability to interact with big data much faster and far more easily by using the familiar SQL language. Users are no longer dependent on central IT teams and DBAs to produce schemas and then maintain them when the structure changes for a few records. Apache Drill alleviates the pain associated with structuring unstructured data before one gains any insights by providing a simple mechanism to query any dataset on Hadoop - be it flat files, parquet or JSON files or tables within an HBase table. This session will give you an overview of the evolution of analytics in Hadoop and several different use cases that enterprises are testing Drill for.


Brandon Newell
Brandon is a Sales Engineer at MapR. Brandon is responsible for working with customers, partners and prospects to understand and propose solutions using MapR technologies. Brandon has over 15 years of experiences as a hands-on technologist with a strong track record of success, serving as a trusted adviser and intermediary between cutting edge technologies and customers’ business needs. Prior to joining MapR, Brandon was a Storage Solutions Architect for Red Hat, where he provided clients with software-defined storage solutions that utilized physical, virtual and Amazon-based virtual machines to serve high performing and highly available storage. Before Red Hat, Brandon served as a subject matter expert in the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) space as a Solutions Architect for LogicsOne, where he provided businesses all over the world with solutions from both VMware and Citrix. Earlier in his career, Brandon was a Technical Project Manager and Solutions Advisor for Radical Support, where he specialized in SMB architecture.