The Hive Big Data Think Tank May 2015 - Apache Drill
Palo Alto, CA
Wednesday, June 3, 2015
The Hive Big Data Think Tank is a community that brings together experts and visionaries from academia and the industry in : - Visualization, data infrastructure, and data science - Applications that leverage Big Data in areas such as advertising, marketing, eCommerce, CRM, security, etc. - Art and design, specially as it relates to data


Drill Demo - Time to Query complex data instantly on Hadoop

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Apache Drill's 1.0 - Learn the basics , from installing the tool to running your first query within minutes, and hear what's new. The demo will show users how to install and setup instantly and start getting value out of data on their computers. For Drill queries, the data can be in any format or could be from any data source - including JSON, CSV, HBase or even MongoDB data. The talk will also cover interesting use cases and code snippets to query different data formats and data sources in a self service fashion without going through the pain of creating centralized schemas or metadata stores.


Neeraja Rentachintala

As Director of Product Management, Neeraja is responsible for the product strategy, roadmap and requirements of MapR's SQL initiatives. Prior to MapR, Neeraja held numerous product management and engineering roles at Informatica, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and, most recently as the principal product manager for Informatica Data Services/Data Virtualization.