Global Big Data Conference Santa Clara 2016
Santa Clara, CA
Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Global Big Data Conference's vendor agnostic Global Predictive Analytics Conference allows practitioners to discuss data management through effective use of data analytics across all industry verticals.


Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot with Big Data

Sridhar Reddy View Bio


This session discusses big data includingsome of the common use cases, some common problems and mistakes enterprises are making and discusses how to avoid making such mistakes. 


Building and Deploying Predictive Models for Real-time IoT Solutions

James Casaletto View Bio


Predictive analytics has matured as a core enterprise practice required for creating and maintaining competitive advantage. Today, this technology enables organizations to leverage historical data to not only predict future events, but also to gain understanding and wisdom about their core business. The Internet of Things is here. Sensors, mobile devices, and other networked systems are creating, sending, and collecting large volumes of data. The IoT is poised to change almost every aspect of how industries do business, and one of those aspects is using predictive analytics. Predictive analytics based on real-time data is already being used today in manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, security, health care, insurance, and a number of other industries. Practitioners are finding that the existing platforms and tools do not scale to handle the volume, velocity, and variety of data they wish to analyze. This presentation will discuss cutting edge tools and platforms for producing, consuming, and analyzing real-time message sources of big data for the purpose of predicting future events.


Sridhar Reddy

Sridhar is a Director of Professional Services for MapR Technologies. Sridhar has over 20 years of experience working with Java and JaveEE in many roles of the software development life cycle, including design, development, management, training and technology evangelism. Prior to MapR, Sridhar managed the Java Platform development team at PayPal, where he led a team of Java developers to build the next generation of the Java platform. Prior to PayPal, Sridhar worked as a Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems for over 10 years, where he increased awareness and adoption of Java technology in the worldwide developer community. While at Sun, Sridhar also managed the JavaOne Hands-On Labs as well as Sun Tech Days, a worldwide developer conference. Sridhar holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Osmania University in India, and an MS in Computer Science from the Florida Institute of Technology.

James Casaletto

James is a Principal Solutions Architect for MapR, where he develops and deploys big data solutions with Apache Hadoop. He has strong technical work experience as a leader and individual contributor in a wide variety of internal and customer-facing environments, including startups, academia, government, and large corporations, and his unique skill set spans from solution requirements to product evangelism. James previously was Director of Field Engineering for Nebula, a company that enables businesses to deploy large private cloud computing infrastructures. Additionally, he served as a Technical Marketing Engineer for Cisco Systems, as well as a technical consultant for companies including Symantec, ExitCertified, and Hybridmedia. James holds a BS in Mathematics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, an MS in Computer Science from California State University, and a Certificate in Bioinformatics from the University of California.