Global Big Data Boot Camp
Dallas, TX
Saturday, November 15, 2014
Global Big Data Boot Camp is a fast paced, 2-day intensive interactive workshop that provides an integrated look at the tools and technologies to manipulate, analyze and perform computations on Big Data.


Self-Service Data Exploration and Nested Data Analytics on Hadoop

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SQL-on-Hadoop technologies are evolving at a rapid pace. Have you ever had to dig through data sets that had inconsistent structure over several years, or completely different structures over multiple projects? And how do you then feed all of your data into SQL? Apache Drill may be your answer. Drill is an open source, distributed SQL query engine that is redefining how you approach SQL for big data.

This session provides an in-depth introduction to Apache Drill, and how it provides ANSI SQL capabilities on data that has just arrived on Hadoop—all without having to create a centralized schema. While dramatically improving the time-to-value of your data, Drill also is built with a JSON-like data model that provides interactive query speeds on common data formats used by modern web applications. The speaker will provide an overview of these key topics along with real-world examples. 






Jim Bates

Jim brings over 12 years of experience in systems and support engineering to his role as a Senior Systems Engineer at MapR. Jim was previously a Senior Systems Engineer for WANdisco. Prior to that, Jim was a Senior Systems Engineer for Spirent Communications, a multinational telecommunications test company. Jim also held various roles in systems engineering at Mu Dynamics. Earlier in his career, Jim held engineering positions at Tellabs and Advanced Fibre Communications. He began his career as an Officer in the US Army, where he designed and implemented mobile routing networks and jumped out of airplanes with Cisco routers to get the internet working over single channel tactical satellite networks. In addition to his technical roles, Jim has worked as a house framer, a fireman, a janitor, an infantryman, and a paratrooper. His very first job was that of a farmer and rancher, working alongside his father, a time during which he learned his most important life lessons. When not working for MapR, Jim enjoys carpentry work, welding, kayaking, hiking, and spending time with his family.

Jim holds a BS/EE in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University.