Data Summit NYC 2016
New York, NY
Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Hadoop Day at Data Summit NYC 2016 will focus on Hadoop and the ecosystem of Hadoop-related solutions, from open source projects like Spark, Hive and Drill, to commercial products offered on-premises and in the cloud.


Harnessing the Hadoop Ecosystem

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People who are new to Big Data lack a big-picture view of how end-to-end solutions are actually constructed. Non-adopters are confronted with a vast amount of disparate information with no understanding of how to use the underlying tools. As a result, they are left with an incomplete understanding of how Hadoop may be used to solve their problems. This session addresses that knowledge and experience gap.


James Casaletto

James is a Principal Solutions Architect for MapR, where he develops and deploys big data solutions with Apache Hadoop. He has strong technical work experience as a leader and individual contributor in a wide variety of internal and customer-facing environments, including startups, academia, government, and large corporations, and his unique skill set spans from solution requirements to product evangelism. James previously was Director of Field Engineering for Nebula, a company that enables businesses to deploy large private cloud computing infrastructures. Additionally, he served as a Technical Marketing Engineer for Cisco Systems, as well as a technical consultant for companies including Symantec, ExitCertified, and Hybridmedia. James holds a BS in Mathematics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, an MS in Computer Science from California State University, and a Certificate in Bioinformatics from the University of California.