CIO Big Data Summit 2015
Phoenix, AZ
Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Wednesday, November 11, 2015
The Big Data Summit brings together C-level executives involved in data storage, data management and data analysis to discuss how companies can effectively manage, protect and leverage the growing amounts of data in the enterprise.


The Big Data Approach to Network Security

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With all the activity going on in your network devices, it can be extremely hard to filter out the bad from the good. How can you quickly and effectively distinguish a network intrusion attempt from an expected and authorized event? A great approach for getting in front of those attacks involves the use of big data technologies for predictive analytics. By analyzing all your network event data with Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark, you can build models that identify "normal" behavior as well as anomalous behavior. The anomalies signal potential security threats, and using Hadoop/Spark gives you the high performance and scalable platform to more accurately alert you to take action.


Jack Norris

Jack drives understanding and adoption of new applications enabled by data convergence. With over 20 years of enterprise software marketing experience, he has demonstrated success from defining new markets for small companies to increasing sales of new products for large public companies. Jack’s broad experience includes launching and establishing analytic, virtualization, and storage companies and leading marketing and business development for an early-stage cloud storage software provider.