Big Data TechCon 2015
Boston, MA
Sunday, April 26, 2015

Big Data TechCon features practical, how-to classes and tutorials for IT and Big Data professionals, including data and business analysts, developers, software architects, data scientists, and project managers.


Scale Your SQL Database with SQL, Hadoop, Drill, JSON, NoSQL and HBase

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This half-day tutorial will help you get a jump-start on combining SQL, Hadoop, Drill, JSON, NoSQL, and HBase by showing how to use Apache Drill to query HBase and Hive. We'll start with a quick overview of HBase, the HBase data model, and architecture. We'll then dive directly into schema design for scalability and performance. Next we'll look at the Drill architecture and how to interactively query HBase, Hive, JSON files with Ansi SQL and Drill. We will also show how to create views which join these different data sources.

This tutorial will cover:

  • HBase Core concepts of the HBase data model and HBase architecture
  • Setting up a Sandbox [one-node cluster on your laptop]
  • Using the HBase shell to create HBase tables and insert data
  • Understanding how the data flows for writes and reads
  • Schema design concepts for High scalability
  • Querying HBase With Apache Drill


Carol McDonald

Carol is a HBase Hadoop instructor at MapR Technologies. Carol has extensive experience as a developer and architect building complex mission critical applications in the Banking, Health insurance and Telecom Industries. As a Java Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems, Carol traveled all over the world speaking at Sun Tech Days, JUGs, Companies, and Conferences. She is a recognized speaker in Java communities.