Big Data Security and Data Governance Meetup Jan 2015 - New Generation Access Control in Hadoop and NOSQL databases
Thursday, January 29, 2015
The Big Data Security and Data Governance Meetup is for anyone interested in the Security and Data Governance aspects of Big Data systems, including systems based on Hadoop as well as the ones based on NoSQL and other approaches.


Next-Generation Access Control for Hadoop, HBase and other NoSQL Databases

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Organizations need to be able to control who can access what data. Today's volume and variety of data requires a new approach to access control. For example, it will soon be impractical for organizations to manage a standalone, centralized repository of permissions for every column/row of every table. Recent open source innovations such as Apache Drill are making it possible to manage permissions in Hadoop and NoSQL databases via virtual datasets. Users can create virtual datasets by specifying SQL queries that select the data to be shared, and using standard file system or database permissions to specify who can access the virtual datasets. In this talk we'll introduce these innovations and explain how you can use them today to provide security in a more scalable and decentralized fashion.


Tomer Shiran

Tomer Shiran heads the product management team at MapR and is responsible for product strategy, roadmap and requirements. Prior to MapR, Tomer held numerous product management and engineering roles at Microsoft, most recently as the product manager for Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration Server (now Microsoft Forefront). He is the founder of two websites that have served tens of millions of users, and received coverage in prestigious publications such as The New York Times, USA Today and The Times of London. Tomer is also the author of a 900-page programming book. He holds an MS in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a BS in Computer Science from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.