Big Data Everywhere - Singapore
Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Big Data Everywhere is a half-day Hadoop conference aimed at helping you understand the technical, business and practical aspects of Hadoop and related technologies.


Using Hadoop to enable the "As It Happens" Business

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To get value out of today’s big and fast data, organizations must evolve beyond traditional analytic cycles that are heavy with data transformation and schema management. Achieving an “as-it-happens” business requires flexible, real-time data access, collapsing data silos and automating data-to-action for immediate operational benefits. Come learn about the latest innovations in the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and how customers today are impacting their business.
Cisco IT's Hadoop Journey

Get insights into Cisco’s own Hadoop Journey and how Cisco implemented a highly agile Enterprise Hadoop platform, delivering multiple use cases including ETL migration, content management, smart analytics and compliance. 
Finding insights within your big data deployment

Finding insights within your big data deployment by Daniel Ong, Sales Consultant, Tableau


Ben Sadeghi

Ben Sadeghi is a Data Scientist at MapR (Asia Pacific & Japan), helping companies implement data-driven, machine learning solutions based on Hadoop. Prior to MapR, Ben developed internal and external data products at, a travel meta-search site, and worked in the Internet of Things domain at Jawbone, where he implemented analytics and predictive applications for the UP Band self-quantification platform. Before moving to the private sector, Ben contributed to several NASA and JAXA space missions.

Ben is an active member of the open-source Julia language community. He holds an M.Sc. in computational physics, with an astrophysics emphasis.