Big Data for Business - Self-Service Data Exploration and Nested Data Analytics on Hadoop - Introduction to Apache Drill
Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Businesses need big answers, but sometimes it's hard to find the questions.The Big Data for Business group aims to help and propel Big Data, Hadoop, its extensions and its users.


Self-Service Data Exploration and Nested Data Analytics on Hadoop

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SQL is one of the most widely used languages to access, analyze, and manipulate structured data. As Hadoop gains traction within enterprise data architectures across industries, the need for SQL for both structured and loosely-structured data on Hadoop is growing rapidly. Apache Drill started off with the audacious goal of delivering consistent, millisecond ANSI SQL query capability across wide range of data formats. At a high level, this translates to two key requirements – Schema Flexibility and Performance. Apache Drill provides the users the ability to interact with big data on Hadoop much faster and far more easily using the familiar SQL language. Users are no longer dependent on central IT teams and DBAs to produce schemas and then maintain them when the structure changes for a few records. Drill alleviates the pain associated with structuring unstructured data before one gains any insights by providing a simple mechanism to query any dataset on Hadoop - be it flat files, parquet or JSON files or tables within an HBase table. This session will give you an overview of several different use cases that enterprises are testing Drill for.


Michael Farnbach

Michael Farnbach is a Solutions Architect for Big Data and High Performance Computing currently providing Professional Services with MapR Technologies. Professionally he is known for brilliance and leadership in technical architecture, service management and delivery. Michael’s ability to envision the future, tempered by an incisive view of the state of current offerings, helps businesses successfully match requirements with appropriate solutions that are innovative, intuitive and operationally solid. Among the companies he’s worked with are Honeywell, Pearson Education, Bentley University, Northrop Grumman, NewEgg, and others. Away from work he spends time with a very active wife and four children exploring history, science, nature, and fine arts. And with any time left over he is currently restoring a vintage racecar.