Bay Area Open Source July 2015
Palo Alto, CA
Wednesday, July 8, 2015
The Bay Area Open Source is a group for Open Source fans, enthusiasts, contributors or users of Open Source software. Their goal is to share insights, talk about issues, failures, best practices and success stories of all kinds of Open Source initiatives.


How to Build a Strong Open Source Community

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An open source project with open community goes beyond simply making code available for free. It offers a wider array of ideas. Users may be more loyal because they feel connected to the group, and individuals have the chance to affect the outcome. Life is breathed into a strong project by a strong community. How do you build one? Taking the Apache Foundation process as an example, this talk will trace the steps in an open source project’s life from idea to incubator and on to maturity. The process requires community building, of both developers and users. The presentation will provide practical tips for growing and maintaining community as well as real world examples.


Ellen Friedman

Ellen Friedman is a consultant and commentator on big data topics. Active in open source, Ellen is a committer for Apache Mahout, co-author of the book Mahout in Action and a contributor for Apache Drill. She has a PhD in biochemistry, did laboratory research in microbiology, molecular biology and plant genetic engineering and has written about a wide range of technical topics including biology, oceanography and the genetics of learning and memory.

Ellen thinks rabbits are funny, so she helped design magic-themed cartoons in the book "A Rabbit Under the Hat."