Bay Area Mesos User Group March 2015 - Integrating Hadoop into the Datacenter
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Bay Area Mesos User Group is focused on promoting Apache Mesos as a platform for creating distributed systems. Topics in this group include ops and tools for running Mesos on public cloud infrastructure or in a private data center, data processing with Spark, real time data processing with Storm and how to build custom schedulers.


Myriad - Integrating Hadoop into the Datacenter

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Apache Hadoop jobs today are typically run on separate Hadoop clusters away from the rest of the enterprise apps. But as data volume grows into hundreds of terabytes and petabytes, data gravity forces one to reconsider that setup and integrate Hadoop into the mainstream datacenter. In so doing, one needs to ensure data locality for Hadoop jobs is maintained at all times and that the integration is seamless across CPU, memory and network resources. Myriad - soon to be incubated under the Apache Software Foundation - solves that problem in a very elegant way by bringing Apache YARN Resource Management and Apache Mesos Resource Management to work together. Join us to hear about the genesis of Myriad from the founders of the project who will share why and when Myriad makes great sense. The speakers from MapR, Mesosphere and Ebay will cover the central pieces of the architecture, the project progress and plans post incubation and also discuss with the audience how YARN and Mesos together is the best choice for the end user.


Santosh Marella
Santosh is a staff software engineer for MapR. He has expertise in multiple programming areas such as Hadoop, Java, C++, YARN, Mesos, Python, Perl, Unix, and scripting languages. Prior to his role at MapR, Santosh was a Software Engineer for Google India, where he worked on CRM and enterprise applications. Santosh also spent three years at Motorola in a variety of technical leadership positions. Earlier in his career, Santosh was a software engineer for both SEEC and Tachyon Technologies. Santosh holds a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the International Institute of Information Technology in Hyderabad, India.