Apache Spark Tour: Houston Hadoop Meetup
Houston, TX
Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Houston Hadoop Meetup Series focuses on Hadoop and related technologies with an audience of Hadoop/Big Data enthusiasts including software developers, managers, and entrepreneurs. 

The Apache Spark Tour is bringing MapR experts to 10 cities over the next 3 months to talk about Spark and how you can run programs 10-100x faster on Hadoop.


Hey Hadoop, Meet Apache Spark

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Hadoop has been a huge success in the data world. It’s disrupted decades of data management practices and technologies by introducing a massively parallel processing framework. The community and the development of all the Open Source components pushed Hadoop to where it is now. 

That's why the Hadoop community is excited about Apache Spark. The Spark software stack includes a core data-proccessing engine, an interface for interactive querying, Sparkstreaming for streaming data analysis, and growing libraries for machine-learning and graph analysis. Spark is quickly establishing itself as a leading environment for doing fast, iterative in-memory and streaming analysis. 

This talk will give an introduction the Spark stack, explain how Spark has lighting fast results, and how it complements Apache Hadoop.


Marco Vasquez

Marco is a data scientist for MapR Technologies where he is responsible for solving complex business and technical problems using advanced analytics techniques that include use case discovery, machine learning, and data engineering. He works with customers to help develop big data strategies, improve workflows, or create new business opportunities. Marco’s industry experience covers areas such as research and development, large scale architecture and software engineering, bioinformatics, image and video processing, content security, and management consulting. He holds a BS degree in Chemistry from University of California, Los Angeles.