Apache Flink London Meetup - June 2016
Thursday, June 2, 2016
The Apache Flink London Meetup is a group for anyone who wants to learn about or share what they know about Apache Flink. We are excited about its potential, and we want to find other people who are interested. Apache Flink is a 'streaming first' data processing engine - which is a lot cooler than it sounds. See here for more: https://flink.apache.org/


How the World Sees Flink: Community, Code and Streaming Architecture

Ellen Friedman View Bio

At the heart of an open source project are the developers: If software were a beautiful old ship, the developers are the artisans who shape and carve the wood and deploy the sails. But it’s the users who put wind into the sails and send the project into motion. How, then, do the people who develop the code engage the attention of potential users so that the project comes to life? In this non-technical presentation, I’ll talk about my contributions to the Apache Flink project as well as to other Apache projects including Drill and Mahout. We’ll see how projects evolve and discuss what participants can do to have a positive impact on the community and to influence the roadmap for development. In addition we will examine the challenges faced by organizations as they embrace innovative technologies such as Apache Flink or try to make substantial changes in their way of using data. We can open the discussion to hear from the group about how they see Flink fitting in the overall big data space.
What Happens Without Apache Flink

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It is easy to forget just how much a framework like Flink is actually doing for you. Instead of demonstrating how good Flink is, I will go the other way and show you how bad it can be without Flink by walking through a simple web-spider application written in modern streaming style, but entirely without a high level framework like Flink. By examining what goes wrong without Flink, you will be able to better understand how Flink makes things go right.


Ellen Friedman

Ellen Friedman is a consultant and commentator on big data topics. Active in open source, Ellen is a committer for Apache Mahout, co-author of the book Mahout in Action and a contributor for Apache Drill. She has a PhD in biochemistry, did laboratory research in microbiology, molecular biology and plant genetic engineering and has written about a wide range of technical topics including biology, oceanography and the genetics of learning and memory.

Ellen thinks rabbits are funny, so she helped design magic-themed cartoons in the book "A Rabbit Under the Hat."

Ted Dunning

Ted Dunning is Chief Application Architect at MapR Technologies and committer and PMC member of the Apache Mahout, Apache ZooKeeper, and Apache Drill projects​. Ted has been very active in mentoring new Apache projects and is currently serving as vice president of incubation for the Apache Software Foundation​.​ Ted was the chief architect behind the MusicMatch (now Yahoo Music) and Veoh recommendation systems. He built fraud detection systems for ID Analytics (later purchased by LifeLock) and he has 24 patents issued to date and a dozen pending. Ted has a PhD in computing science from the University of Sheffield. When he’s not doing data science, he plays guitar and mandolin. He also bought the beer at the first Hadoop user group meeting..