Dentsu ix Selects MapR for its Next Generation Communication Platform

MapR enables Dentsu razorfish to strengthen its marketing services for its clients through cost-effective real-time analysis of vast amounts of data.

The Business

Dentsu razorfish, a joint venture between the Dentsu group and razorfish, is a leading Japanese digital marketing agency with offices in Tokyo and Osaka. The agency provides clients services in strategic planning, content marketing, experience design, brand building, technology platforms, data analytics, retail/commerce and media services.

The Challenge

Successful omni-channel marketing campaigns are increasingly driven by effective data analysis. In the advertising industry, the ability to rapidly access, analyze and take action on information from multiple sources provides a clear competitive advantage. Dentsu razorfish recognized the importance of leveraging big data to be able to create and manage successful marketing campaigns for their clients.

MapR Solution

Dentsu razorfish chose the MapR Distribution including Hadoop as the underlying technology for its Next Generation Communication Platform (NGCP) solution. The MapR Distribution enables Dentsu razorfish to cost-effectively leverage vast amounts of data for real-time analysis and strengthen the success of the digital marketing services it provides for clients.

The MapR Distribution provides an enterprise-grade platform for Dentsu razorfish to process a variety of sales information, search logs, and other real-time data for its data-driven marketing efforts within the NGCP, helping clients to effectively build strong brand relationships with their customers.

“MapR was the absolute best choice in terms of cost and performance, including real-time capability and serviceability, which are key criteria behind this analytics system project,” said Mr. Hidenobu Sakata, senior technology director at Dentsu razorfish. “We felt that MapR presented a well-balanced mix of open source software with their patented technologies. The fact that MapR comes standard with enterprise-grade capabilities not found in other Hadoop distributions was a main focal point in our decision.”


MapR File System Accelerates Processing
The MapR file system fully supports random read/write processing, as well as the industry standard NFS (conforms to POSIX) interface to accelerate real-time data analysis and processing for data-driven marketing at business speeds.

Stability and Reliability
Dentsu razorfish appreciates the stability of MapR’s redundant, node-based job management system that stabilizes service levels by maintaining the status of every job within the cluster, eliminating the need to start a job over from scratch if an error occurs.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
The MapR solution is more cost effective because of the decentralized and redundant metadata management feature that is optimized for performance and able to exclude single points of failure. This reduces the number of servers needed, optimizes operations, and cuts down on total cost of ownership

Enterprise Capabilities
The MapR Distribution offered a wellbalanced combination of open source software with MapR patented technologies that provide enterprise-grade capabilities not found in other Hadoop distributions.

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