Altitude Digital Uses MapR as the Foundation that Runs its Business

The MapR platform provides Altitude Digital with a centralized data repository that serves multiple departments, driving efficiency and competitive advantage. MapR provides a superior ecosystem, offering both innovative solutions and reliable support. Altitude Digital can costeffectively leverage existing engineering resources and keep its developers focused on business solutions.

The Business

Altitude Digital delivers technology that optimizes and streamlines the connection between buyers and sellers of online video and mobile advertising. While their technology platform serves both advertisers and publishers, Altitude Digital’s primary goal is to provide publishers with technology and data that simplifies the selling of media and maximizes their revenue. Altitude Digital is one of the fastest growing video advertising marketplaces and is listed in comScore’s Top 10 list of largest video platforms and is #6 largest network according to Quantcast.


In real-time, Altitude Digital’s technology selects the best video advertisement to play at the right time for the right person. Nearly seven billion transactions per day must be stored, processed, and used to make smarter decisions. “Every event helps us make an intelligent decision about what advertisement we will deliver for what person, and what will make the most money for the publisher while maintaining return on investment for the advertiser,” explains Manny Puentes, CTO for Altitude Digital. “Our goal is to present the most compelling video ad in real time for every video player in the world. That’s a hard problem.”

MapR Solution

Altitude Digital chose MapR as the big data platform to run its business, and all departments access its tools. “It’s more than just engineers interacting with the MapR platform,” says Puentes. “Operations, support, sales, and product use it to solve their business-related objectives. We also provide data-driven insights for our publishers. Our business is deriving all of our answers through the MapR ecosystem.”


Altitude Digital sees multiple benefits from its MapR deployment, which drives efficiency and competitive advantage throughout the company.

Centralized data source serves multiple departments
Since MapR enables Altitude Digital to house all of the data in one place, Altitude Digital can manage their data holistically instead of in departmental silos. The MapR-DB NoSQL database provides different views and models to serve the needs of each group. This provides precise answers and the ability to make smarter strategic business decisions.

“MapR-DB table replication is a powerful new feature that enables real-time, bi-directional updates across data centers at scale. We use table replication for discovery and real-time notifications, giving our business a competitive advantage,” says Puentes. “MapR continues to deliver innovative enterprise solutions that just work.”

Provides superior ecosystem
MapR provides a superior and robust ecosystem to help companies enter the big data market, providing both innovative solutions and reliable support. “Managing big data is a big undertaking. It’s not simply a matter of installing Hadoop, you need to architect a solution and take advantage of the ecosystem,” explains Puentes.

“The MapR ecosystem breaks down the barrier to entry. The differentiation between MapR and other platforms is that MapR has done a good job in packaging solutions and helping businesses enter this market,” he says. “MapR brings companies that are at the bleeding edge of innovation into an ecosystem that is maintained and supported. MapR provides unmatched support and an ecosystem where all the tools work seamlessly together.”

Free to focus on competitive differentiation
Altitude Digital feels confident that MapR will reliably manage the technology infrastructure so they can focus on developing the solutions that will differentiate their business. “I need to produce complex models and algorithms to differentiate our business in this competitive landscape at lightning speed. With MapR, our developers don’t have to spend time in the weeds solving big data infrastructure problems; instead, they can focus on building the business optimization strategies that will deliver the right advertising solutions,” he says. “And MapR is cost effective. Other solutions would require double the infrastructure needed to process large amounts of data.”

Leverages existing engineering resources
When you choose a big data platform, you need to hire the talent to manage the platform. “Other big data platforms are more complicated, so you need application skills to manage those platforms. MapR has built in standard tools and functionality that our existing employees can use to maintain a complex platform,” says Puentes. “With NFS built into MapR, you can manage a platform with standard resources, which reduces your reliance on Java programmers.”

A culture of partnership and collaboration
Puentes also finds the culture based on partnership and collaboration is a major benefit to working with MapR. “From an engineering perspective, MapR is miles ahead of the pack,” he says. “MapR seamlessly works with our business to understand our needs and business goals. The MapR culture shines through with every interaction, and that matters.”

A recipe for success
Puentes has worked with MapR over many years bringing the MapR platform into several companies and has no plans to make a change. “I can trust MapR. The product works. I’ve been part of three lean companies with little to no overhead from a support perspective. I’ve been in businesses where we’ve been pushing through 14-16 terabytes of data. Relational databases fall flat into the failure bucket. MapR just works,” he says.