White Paper

The Need for Big Data Governance

Data Governance is essential to delivering maximum value from your big data environment. Without knowing what data you have, what it means, who uses it, what it is for, and how good it is, you can never create the insights and information needed to run a modern data-driven enterprise. Instead of an afterthought, data governance needs to be front and center in the organizational effort to harness the power of its data.

ESG Lab Spotlight Report 2014

With the challenges of deploying a reliable and high-performing cluster, the software infrastructure needs to provide the capabilities to make this goal more attainable. With several leading vendors for Apache™ Hadoop© in the market, enterprises need to explore the differentiating features of each distribution that most suit their needs.

The MapR Difference

The buzz around big data is louder than ever. Companies everywhere are reimagining the way they conduct business, placing data—instead of intuition—at the heart of decision-making. The value proposition of becoming a data-driven business is clear, with expectations of increased revenues, bigger margins, and new business opportunities. But not all data platforms are created equal.


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