MapR 5.2: Getting More Value from the MapR Converged Community Edition

Thank you for using the MapR Converged Community Edition. We hope you have enjoyed great success with your big data projects with the MapR Platform.

Want even more? We recently released version 5.2 of the MapR Converged Data Platform with even more new features. You are welcome to deploy the free Community Edition of the MapR Converged Data Platform in a production environment and take advantage of the free community support. (Paid commercial support is also available.)

Xactly: How to Build a Successful Converged Data Platform with Hadoop, Spark, Solr, and More

Big data presents both enormous challenges and incredible opportunities for companies in today’s competitive environment. To deal with the rapid growth of global data, companies have turned to Hadoop to help them with performing real-time search, obtaining fast and efficient analytics, and predicting behaviors and trends. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how we successfully leveraged Hadoop and its ecosystem components to build a converged data infrastructure to meet these needs.

During this session, we will discuss:

MapR Converged Data Platform: What's Important about "Converged?"

In this week's Whiteboard Walkthrough, Ellen Friedman, Solutions Consultant at MapR, describes what happens when certain fundamental big data capabilities are engineered together as a part of the same technology. This brief overview compares the converged data platform as a foundation for big data projects versus building solutions on a base of separate pieces.


NoSQL Application Development with JSON and MapR-DB

NoSQL databases are being used everywhere by startups and Global 2000 companies alike for data environments that require cost-effective scaling. These environments also typically need to represent data in a more flexible way than is practical with relational databases.

JSON is quickly becoming the de facto standard as a data model for NoSQL databases. But all databases don’t handle JSON the same way. “Bolted-on” JSON support at the API level can present challenges in production environments that you never would have expected during development.

ETL and Interactive Analytics with Apache Spark and Apache Drill

Vinay Bhat, Solution Architect at MapR Technologies, takes you step-by-step through a widespread big data use case: data warehouse offload and building an interactive analytics application using Apache Spark and Apache Drill. Vinay explains how the MapR Converged Data Platform provides unique capabilities to make this process easy and efficient, including support for multi-tenancy.

Best Practices for Protecting Sensitive Data across Big Data Platform

Securing sensitive data has been a daunting requirement for decades. With the explosion of big data and greater use of analytics, compliance and protecting sensitive data in structured, and unstructured data is becoming increasingly challenging. In addition, data governance is critical in your Big Data deployment, as performance and reliability of data access are.

Why MapR Monitoring is Different

Dale Kim, Sr. Director of Industry Solutions at MapR, describes the monitoring capabilities of the MapR Converged Data Platform, which easily give you a single view of all cluster operations. Leveraging popular open source technologies, the monitoring system is customizable and extensible to address the challenges of your big data deployment requirements.

Additional Resources

Big Data SQL: Overview of Apache Drill Query Execution Capabilities

In this Whiteboard Walkthrough, Neeraja Rentachintala, Senior Director of Product Management at MapR Technologies, gives an overview of how open source Apache Drill achieves low latency for interactive SQL queries carried out on large datasets. With Drill, you can use familiar ANSI SQL BI tools, such as Tableau or MicroStrategy, plus do exploration directly on big data.

For additional material:


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